Support multiple email addresses with

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A couple of days ago, I have discovered When web security and privacy is having a rough time, it perfectly comes handy ! But like many persons, I have to deal with a various number of email addresses. Still, Keybase does not support —yet — this feature so I have found a little workaround to do […]

Bientôt l’été : comment choisir ses chaussures de running ?

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Chaque année, à l’approche des beaux jours, je peux voir des proches motivé(e)s pour aller retrouver les pistes, et chaque année, je retrouve LA question : comment on choisit ses baskets ? S’il n’y pas de réponse universelle à cette question, il est important de bien comprendre les mécanismes qui doivent orienter votre choix vers un modèle plus […]

Déconnexion progressive

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Depuis quelques mois maintenant, j’ai pris la décision, progressivement, de me “déconnecter” d’internet. J’entends par là le fait de restreindre les informations que je diffuse sur mon identité. Cet article n’a pas vocation à vous inviter à faire de même, juste à rappeler, peut-être même présenter, les aspects concernant la sécurité qui sont bien souvent occultés […]

Smooth server migration

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In the Web 2.0 era, high availability is a requirement. And sometimes, you don’t have any better choice to migrate your application to a new server and therefore probably update your DNS. I had to face this kind of situation lastly and here is the way I’ve smoothly dealt with it. I should have named it […]

Facebook Hacker Cup 2012 : Billboards

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Billboards We are starting preparations for Hacker Cup 2013 really early. Our first step is to prepare billboards to advertise the contest. We have text for hundreds of billboards, but we need your help to design them. The billboards are of different sizes, but are all rectangular. The billboard widths and heights are all integers. […]

Don’t mess with charsets

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Yesterday, I checked out the code directly from the SVN repository because, yeah, I’m this kind of guy, bleeding-edge one, and started to give a try to the bundled exemple of Google+ API. You have to do the usual stuff when using an API like getting API secret and stuff to make it works. Once […]

MongoDB install with Homebrew on Mac OS X

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The command to install the server is quite simple : sudo brew install mongodb Since it’s our first install and we want it to run automatically at every login, we have to enable the autolaunch : cp /usr/local/Cellar/mongodb/1.8.0-x86-64/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.mongodb.mongod.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ launchctl load -w ~/Library/LaunchAgents/org.mongodb.mongod.plist Now that we’re done we the server side, let’s install the php […]

Hi again world !

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For me, having a blog is more important than a “web-home”. This is the perfect way to share and store daily used tips and hints. It’s also a very good way to discover new people, to learn on and share more and more. This is why it was really important for me to get the […]